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Best Driving Lessons In Rockingham, WA


Learning to drive is and exciting time but not all driving schools are equal. Stepping behind the wheel of the car every day takes a high level of training, knowledge and capability, even if it’s become something that is second nature to you by now. This level of comfort and confidence comes with having the right knowledge foundation in place and when looking to establish that baseline, or to refresh yourself on it, choosing Pro Driving School Rockingham will bring you the best driving lessons Rockingham has to offer.

About Us

We have been the Rockingham driving school of choice in the area for many years. Starting every one of our services with a deep understanding of the goals you’re looking to achieve and bringing you the tailored courses you need to obtain them. Whether you’re a novice driver looking for a practical driver assessment booking (PDA) or a long-term driver looking for manual driving lessons in order to expand your horizons, you can be sure that our professionals have the time and the inclination to bring you the results you need. All it takes is a phone call to change your driving course. If you would like to learn even more about driving and what we offer please refer to our blogs.

Our Services

The range of services that we bring to the Rockingham area are in place to ensure that you have the means to get the results you need with a simple phone call. If you’re looking for automatic driving lessons, a defensive driver course or any other staple of our services, you can count on Pro Driving School Rockingham to be there to provide you with the quickest and simplest means of booking and carrying out your course. Within a short period with our instructors, you’ll turn driving into second nature.

We serve a wide range of suburbs in the Rockingham area. Check out our locations here


    Young Woman Driving Car and Holding Steering Wheel

    Though the roads are dominated by automatic vehicles, the capability to drive a manual transmission is something that everyone should have. When looking for the best manual driving lessons Rockingham has to offer, making the choice to reach out to your local driving instructors of choice at Pro Driving School Rockingham will ensure that you can step into any vehicle with a manual in confidence and knowing how to properly operate any vehicle you happen to be driving.


    With the commonality of automatic transmissions nowadays, having the right automatic driving lessons can be a great foundation in which to start your driving experience. If you’re looking for instruction from experienced and knowledgeable professionals, then choosing to reach out to Pro Driving School Rockingham will provide you with the results you’re looking for. With a simple phone call, you have the capability to start your driving journey on the right foot, with the right foundation in place.

    “Bringing in the professionals at Pro Driving School for a corporate driver training session was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my company. Not only have I seen the number of incidents go down, the savings I’ve accrued in insurance over the last 6 months really paid off.” – Jeff B.

    Corporate Driver Training

    We provide corporate driver training sessions to any business in the city. Providing you with the fleet instruction you need, defensive and pro-active driving solutions and a number of other options. When looking to raise the level of safe driving amongst your operators and to lower your monthly insurance payments by maintaining a successful driving staff, scheduling the experts at Pro Driving School Rockingham will bring you the results you’re looking for quickly and effectively.

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    The ability to handle any situation that happens to occur when on the road is an invaluable skill. Whether this is for winter driving, accident prevention or any other means of training, turning to the best driving schools that Rockingham has to offer will bring you the defensive driving school services you need. We have a variety of options throughout each defensive driver course in order to bring you the best possible training in the city.

    “I have driven an automatic for almost a decade and always wanted to drive manual but had no idea where to start. I called Pro Driving School for manual driving lessons and finally got the training I needed to use a stick shift without worrying.” – Meghan D.

    Advanced Driving Lessons

    From bridge courses that will have you prepared for your performance driving school to more advanced pro-active driving techniques, you can count on the driving lessons Rockingham professional instructors provide. Pro Driving School Rockingham has been bringing advanced driving lessons that go beyond your practical driving test in order to give you the added skills necessary to take your driving capability to the next level, wherever that may happen to lead you in the future.

    Young Woman Taking Test in Class

    Whether you’re preparing for your upcoming driving test or need a refresher course in order to update your skills, choosing to make the call to the best Rockingham driving school available will provide you with the results you’re looking for. We bring the entirety of our training sessions into one compound course that will have you ready to go in no time. When you need the most training in a short time frame, you can count on Pro Driving School Rockingham to deliver.

    “In order to be as prepared as possible for my driving test, I called Pro Driving School to have some refresher courses done. The instructor was really nice and had a great way to breaking down the information in a way that I could understand and retain.” – Mark C.

    The first step in getting the drivers training you need in the Rockingham area is making the choice to pick up the phone and making the call to Pro Driving School. We ensure that you have a quick and easy means of getting in touch with the experts you need in order to find out more regarding our services or to inquire about pricing. Whichever services you seek, choosing to reach out to our instructors will bring you the quick and simple means of obtaining those results you need and a focus on providing you with the outcome you’ve been looking for.