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3 Steps In Learning To Drive

As technology advances, private cars are now usually used compared than riding in a public vehicle. Learning to drive in Australia requires standards rules mandated by the Department of Transportation.

Below are the steps in learning to drive: P.S Learning to drive in Rockingham is a great and peaceful location.


As mandated by the Department of Transportation of Australia, before you can study to drive on the highway, the learner must hold a valid learner’s license for a vehicle of a designated class. The least age to get a ‘C’ class learner’s permit is 16 years without where the rejection of a license would induce unnecessary difficulty. He/She can inquire for what are the other requirements of obtaining this permit at the Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) center or regional DVS agent. This permit will be valid up to years from the moment this permit has been released. When applying for the first time, the learner needs to present proof of your age, identification, and residency. The price will be charged to move a theory test on the highway rules and an application fee that deducts you to take one working on-road driving evaluation. The learner should also note that if so ever your application will be rejected, the fees you have paid will not be subject to refund.


Practice makes perfect, record hours at various times of the day and in varying weather and traffic situations. That way you’ll be more ready for driving on your own. Look for a driving school like Pro Driving School Rockingham,  we will guarantee that your student drivers have the highest level of preparation before they hit the road, or you’re and qualified motorist looking to refresh skills after a period of time, you can be confident that we provide the most extensive variety of selection when it comes to all way of driver’s practice in order to get you invigorated.

As a learner remember:

  • Always display your Ls when driving.
  • Carry your Learner’s card.
  • It’s a 0.00% BAC (blood or breath alcohol concentration). 
  • Demerit points apply.
  • No driving in Kings Park.


Once a minimum of six months has passed since acquiring your Learner’s permit, you can take your Hazard Perception Test (HPT).

The HPT is a computer-based test that utilizes running traffic displays to scale your ability to evaluate a situation and make a safe driving settlement. Train online at any time on the Department for Transport website.

To sit the HPT:

  • Be 16 years and six months or older (for C Class licenses).
  • Go to the Driver and Vehicle Services Centre (DVS).
  • Bring your learner’s permit.
  • Present identification.

If you happen to fail the exam, you can retake the test.  Just remember you have to repay the fee each time, so it pays to practice as much as you can.

Whether you’re looking for guidance with defensive driving, your practical driving examination or need to be equipped for your expected certification, training to the experts that Pro Driving School Rockingham grants will ensure that you can get behind the wheel with certainty. This is just the beginning of the driving adventure, please read our blog on gaining confidence behind the wheel.

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