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About Our Business

About Our Business

Happy Man in Driving School

Your driver’s license is your ticket to freedom, the capability to step behind the wheel of a vehicle and to make your way out to into the world is an important step and when looking to be prepared for your test, or to freshen up your skills, Pro Driving School is here to bring you the help you need. We have been bringing the Rockingham area the necessary testing and training in order to prepare any level of driver. Whether you’re looking for help with defensive driving, your practical driving test or need to be prepared for your upcoming certification, turning to the experts that Pro Driving School provides will ensure that you can get behind the wheel with confidence.

Whether you’re a parent looking to ensure that your kids have the best level of training before they hit the road, or you’re and experienced motorist looking to refresh skills after a period of time, you can be sure that we provide the widest range of choice when it comes to all manner of driver’s training in order to get you refreshed. From manual to automatic transmission courses, practical driver assessment booking, or defensive driving options, you can count on the experience and capability of our various instructors. We are dedicated to making the roads of Rockingham safer, one driver at a time and making sure that everyone who steps into our offices leaves with the confidence that comes from proper training and skill building. Contact us!