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Driver Instructor Training, Rockingham, WA

Pro Driving School Rockingham 

8 Mildura Pl

Rockingham WA


1300 616 145

Directions to Head Office

Pro Driving School Rockingham 8 Mildura Pl Rockingham WA 6168 1300 616 145

Driving school teachers teach vehicle control, road laws, and safe driving habits. When teaching people who are seeming to get their first driver's license, they include a wide variety of topics, covering from the elements of the automobile to evading road rage, often in a sequence of lectures and textbook readings, as well as hands-on driving training. Because driving regulations vary among states, the content of the courses they practice may vary. In supplement to courses that provide students to get a regular driver's license, driving school instructors might also give classes that make students get licenses for other kinds of vehicles, such as large trucks, buses or motorcycles. Obtaining your license your age must be least 16 years. After that, you must pass the driving awareness test. Then perform about 120 hours of supervised driving exercise. You also have to provide the eyesight test, which is also very necessary. Pass the P1 driving license examination after 12 months pass your P2 driving license test. Here at Pro Driving School Rockingham, we offer a way to the most significant number of driving instructors in Australia. We have improved our business from the area up with the student driver and their parents in mind. We aim to be one of the very best driving school in Rockingham