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Top 5 Things To Avoid While Driving

Driving examines the body and the brain. The focus needed gives multitasking a big no-no. In a world abundant of disturbances, which appear to increase daily, provocations overflow. 

Driving can be a risky venture. Every year, a staggering number of people suffer their lives or are seriously hurt while traveling in vehicles. Sadly, most people believe in driving as a tedious yet essential job. Instead of giving thought to what they’re doing behind the wheel and what is going happening on around them, these drivers mesh in several hazardous actions.

For that reason, it is necessary to evade these dangerous practices:

  1. Consuming alcohol before driving or drinking while driving

Drunk car owners cause the majority of traffic deaths. You might assume that having even a small bit to drink before driving will not going to the trouble, anyone. However, it is one reality that alcohol impairs drivers capability to respond and make quick choices. Alcohol affects your motor abilities and judgment, expecting you just don’t drive well when buzzed. If you intend on driving, easily avoid drinking. If you do drink, ought someone to drive or send you home or call a taxi.

2. Using your phone

We are all aware that using our phones will driving is not a wise action. Texting, calling (whether you are calling someone or answering calls), browsing the internet, answering immediate emails for work, and any phone activities cause distractions while you are driving. It is extremely dangerous because instead of looking at the street, you look into your phone. Even just how quick you’ll attention be on your phone, this might result in an accident.

3. Doing personal things

While driving, it is dangerous to get dressed, shave your face, apply make-up.  Apparently, some people are so incredibly a tight schedule, and they cannot possibly get dressed or apply make-up before leaving their home and hopping into their car. It’s almost impossible to drive a vehicle and retain your eyes on what’s going on ahead while drawing on a shirt, putting make-up and you cannot stay even one hand on the steering wheel while tying knots or doing other tasks associated with dressing.

4. Eating or drinking

Every modern vehicle nowadays has a cup holder within, but that appears not to suggest you should drinking while driving. If the driver’s head goes upward to drink water, his sight will be blocked and who perceives what might occur at that moment. The same works for eating, while it’s technically feasible for a driver to eat a sandwich or also eat a hot pot of soup, it’s stupid to do so. Not only are hot liquids notable hazards on rough covers, eating in the car is a major disturbance.

5. Speeding and not wearing seatbelts

Speeding is the second foremost reason of traffic accidents after drunk driving. The faster you go, the more likely it is you will be on accident. This is basic information for everyone, but when you are delayed for a meeting for example, drivers manage to drive as fast as possible, results in disastrous traffic occurrences. Not wearing seat belts also includes in this. Not because wearing seatbelts is a law but it also protects your body from sudden impact when braking. 

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