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Top Attractions In Rockingham

Rockingham is a serene place of Australia. It can be reached by a 40-minute trip by car or train from the most remote city in the world, Perth. With 37km of magnificent coastline, Rockingham is famous for its harmless, peaceful waters, pristine beaches and wealth of aquatic activities available in the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park.

It’s bizarre northern-facing Palm Beach, and Rockingham beaches produce sheltered swimming and aquatic entertainment places most of the time. Besides the wildlife, there are also many recreational activities, from paddleboarding to walking tracks. 

Here is the best stuff to do while visiting wonderful Rockingham.

  1. Visit the Little Penguins at Penguin Island.

Off the coast of Rockingham occupies one of the states’ infamous tourist islands, habitat to the world’s tiniest penguins. Penguin Island is obtainable via a five-minute boat ride. It brings you to the place of sea birds, sea lions, dolphins, and pelicans in their original habitat. If, though, you are unlucky rather spot the penguins on the island, the Discovery Centre will take you face-to-face with these cute animals during their feeding times.

2. Bathe in the crystal clear, calm waters of Rockingham Beach.

Western Australia is granted with many hours of sunlight, so there’s no reason not to get the most of it by going to Rockingham Beach. The endless stretch of sand indulges you to not only step beside the water but frequently also lets you walk a good range out into the ocean, where the sea will still only be up to your knees. While the sand is suitable for sandcastles and picnics, the calm water is great for paddle boarding.

3. Visit and taste a local brewery or winery for a cellar door tasting and a picnic lunch.

Within Rockingham rests one of the most likely wine regions in Western Australia. Locals of this area own and manage all five wineries found on the Baldivis Karnup Wine Trail, which add to the greater Peel Wine Region. Most wine producers are within a short drive from the center of Rockingham and each other. This presents it a fantastic day out with friends. Enjoy savoring the flavors of the local and national award-winning wineries.

4. Delight in the remarkable coastline with a walk along Cape Peron.

The cape of Rockingham is for you. Cape Peron, a beautiful day tour for all the family, will offer you to many offshore banks at Point Peron and Mushroom Rocks. These areas provide thrilling snorkeling through the encompassing corals and caves. If you’d somewhat stay onshore, appreciate the mountainous cliffs or go fishing on the beach. Alternatively, take guidance from the local sea lions and enjoy in the sun.

5. Visit the Museum and be amazed with Australian history

The Rockingham Museum gives many exhibits showing Western Australia’s history at various periods in time. The museum profiles the states’ legacy, and guests can explore the museum’s extensive collection of maps and local publications. Housed in the recent Rockingham Road Board Building built in 1946 and 1947, this art deco architecture became famous as the community museum in the late ’90s after extending to the library building.

With so many things that Rockingham, WA are known for it is a hard place not to go past. To return to our Rockingham Driving Lessons page please follow the link.

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