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What Is Rockingham, WA Known For?

Rockingham is a memorable holiday and seaside resort town at the southernmost corner of the Greater Perth metropolitan region. In recent times it has grown a popular traveler destination. It is regarded for its excellent, safe beaches, the rich diversity of open water sports, the first nature voyages out to the islands and its environmental places and lakes. The fast-growing urban area reaches on the edge of the protected waters of Cockburn Sound. The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park has impressive of the most beautiful displays of sea experience and birdlife to be seen in Western Australia.

Rockingham is situated at the southern end of the more magnificent City of Perth in the Experience Perth traveler region. The city center is found on a peninsula at the south end of Cockburn Sound, a principal geographic feature on Perth’s coastline. Garden Island rests entirely off the coast and is a notable naval headquarters for the Australian Navy. 

In Rockingham’s protected bays and islands, over 200 local Bottlenose dolphins strive and play. The pod is kind to people and enjoy in the daily vacation from groups of swimmers in the crystal water. Open to adults of all ages and children over six years old, guided by a parent. Tour guides do underwater scooters to fascinate and excite the dolphin’s attention. An enchanting experience and one of only a some of sites in the world where this adventure is desirable. 

A stunning nature preserves just a 5-minute ferry journey across the Shoalwater Islands Marine Park. Renowned for being homely to Western Australia’s biggest colony of Fairy Penguins. Guests can meet them at the Discovery Centre. Rangers entertain daily Penguin feedings three times a day. The penguins can also be observed swimming in crowds all around the waters of Cockburn Sound. The island, which is only about 1 km and 200 m wide, is an excellent place for swimming, cinches, surfing, snorkeling and bird watching.

This area is famous for the plenty and size of Pink Snapper which can be caught from October over to February. There are numerous boat launching areas giving access fast and easy. The bright and protected waters suggest a great day out on the water, and a good bag is a guarantee. Squid can be seized in the shallower water where there is a weed. Annual limitations may apply, so regularly check with the Department Of Fisheries before going out.

As part of the Australia’s most brilliant Capital City of Perth, Rockingham has eight hours of sunshine each day. Warm seasons and cold, wet Wintertimes follow Southern Hemisphere weather. In Summer (December to February), the average highest temperature is 31°C with an average minimum temperature of 19°C. In Winter (June to August), the average maximum cold is 16°C with an average minimum temperature of 9°C. The Leeuwin flow brings hot water down the West Coast of Australia with the temperate weather, gives an excellent marine ecosystem in the shallow waters around Rockingham.

Rockingham is an excellent place to visit. You can spend your holiday vacation there, away from stress and problems in a while and is definitely one of Perth’s top attractions.

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