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What Motorcycle Gear Do I Need?

Yes, having a motorcycle has a lot of conveniences brought to us. But it cannot be avoided that we’ll meet unforeseen accidents, especially in harsh weather conditions. Because of that, the Australian government had set rules before you can openly ride a motorcycle on the highway. 

Owning a license is a must. Other than that, gears are also needed.  Here are the motorcycle gears you need to use. 

  1. Helmet

By law, when riding in Australia, you must wear a motorcycle helmet that complies with the approved AS/NZS 1898 and is securely locked. Helmets that also comply with other measures are not significantly better, as they are often heavier and thicker than those made to a single model and may not function as a wall in an accident. 

This gear is the most significant gear of all. A helmet that complies with an approved standard fits wall and Is securely fastened should give as much protection as you can foresee in a crash. The price of the helmet does not guarantee that it is best to use. Check a helmet which is comfortable for you, and the quality is at its best. 

2. Jacket and pants

This gear is needed because it will serve as a defense from scratch and abrasion once in an accident. Additionally, it will also protect the rider from harsh weather conditions like scorching heat and rain. 

In choosing a desirable and quality jacket and pants, others prefer leather type materials because it has a high resistance in abrasion. There are also other types of textiles that can also provide abrasion resistance and is also comfortable because of its weight, waterproof, and proper ventilation. Choose a jacket and pants that is fit enough for your body. Before purchasing one, make sure to fit your gear and try moving, bending your knees and stretching your arms. 

3. Gloves

Gloves will serve as protection to your wrist and hands. This gear should be fit enough so that it will not hinder you in controlling the controls of your motorcycle. Check the gloves if it really fits your fingers and is made of materials those are not in low-quality.  

Gloves keep moist palms from reaching the steering wheel slick, especially useful in hotter weather. Also, it gives increased friction when grasping the wheel in all types of temperatures and weather conditions, independent of hand moisture levels. 

4. Boots

Motorcycle boots should fit properly and be comfortable. If your toes aren’t satisfied, it’ll add to disturbance and exhaustion while riding. Motorcycle boots also require to protect the bike’s exhaust ducts, extreme cold, and other climate conditions, and road debris. The soles should be low (rather than heeled), able to stand up to typical road impact, be repellent to oil and other chemicals, and keep excellent friction amidst the road, the bike’s pegs, and the gear shifter. The ultimate test comes in a wreck. A pair of boots should protect on foot and ankle injury in most circumstances

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